How It Works

Discover the tastes of Australian with a different food region featured every month

Australia is full of food and wine regions - from Margaret River in Western Australia, Yarra Valley in Victoria, the Barossa in South Australia, Hunter Valley in New South Wales,  Southern Queensland Country in Queensland and Bruny Island in Tasmania. 

These are the regions that are heralded as some of the best in Australia, but speckled through this vast country are other food regions that are just as worthy a mention. Not to mention there are some amazing food to be found in our capital cities too.

Each month, we'll pick a food region to feature. It may be somewhere well known, or somewhere a bit more off the beaten path.

We find the best artisan producers that the region has to offer and curate a selection of gourmet goods

What would the food and wine regions in Australia be without its artisan producers. The food they produce is their life. With unfailing dedication towards using the best ingredients on offer, their passion brings us the best gourmet food that Australia has to offer.

From farm gates and local markets, we've scoured the food regions of Australia to find the best artisan producers in those regions.

Receive a surprise package of 6-8 gourmet goods straight to your door to enjoy through the month 

From our featured artisan producers, we curate a selection of gourmet and artisan goods to send to you each month.  

Expect to get ready-to-eat gourmet goods such as chocolates, chutneys, snacks and drink mixers; to gourmet ingredients to bring your cooking to the next level like marinades, spice mixes and pantry goods. Discover and indulge in Australian gourmet goods that you'll never find on a supermarket shelf!

Why a surprise? Why that's all part of the fun!