Redeem a Gift Card

Lucky you! You've received a gift card which entitles you to experience the tastes of Australia. Discover the best gourmet and artisan food from a different food region each month.

Each month's gourmet subscription box will include a selection of 6-8 sweet and savoury gourmet goods for you to enjoy through the month. Delivered straight to your door. 

Our next featured region is the Adelaide Hills!  Redeem your Gift Card by 31st March to receive your Adelaide Hills gourmet box in early April.

 How To Redeem

  1. 1. Select an option below to redeem a 3 or 6 month Gift Card
  2. 2. Enter your Redemption Code at Checkout
  3. 3. Create and account and let us know where we'll be sending your gourmet goods each month. Please note that you will need to enter a credit card number or log into PayPal but we promise nothing will be charged!
  4. 4. Sit back while we deliver you gourmet goods from around Australia